I was born and raised in Poland but moved to the UK in 2005. I qualified as a counsellor in 2014 and have worked in this profession ever since.
I provided therapy within the charity sector, public services including schools and the police force, as well as private companies which gave me the opportunity to counsel people from different backgrounds, genders, nationalities, ages, professions and socioeconomic circumstances. I have an in-depth understanding of issues impacting all of us today and their effects on our well-being.​​​​​​​
The list below is not exhaustive but I can help with the following areas:
   • Exam stress experienced by students
   • General life difficulties and challenges
   • Burnout
   • Post Traumatic Stress
   • Depression and negative thinking
   • Anxiety and Social Anxiety
   • Living with a chronic illness
   • Parenting issues, pregnancy and maternity
   • Relationship and family problems
   • Loss and bereavement
   • Minority experience 
   • Counselling in Polish

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